Good Morning Sunshine!!

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It was around 6:00 A.M. that DeeAnna had awakened. Nervous. It would be the first time she met them. She knew nothing about them, only what she'd read and been given in the letter. A phone number, an e-mail and a few other things. Beyond that; he was as mysterious as she probably was to him.

No secrets. Blue was coming to the park for this meeting. He was as friendly as could be, she didn't want any surprises later on either. Blue Boy wasn't going anywhere after all. There shouldn't be a reason he'd have to though; he was not dangerous. Which was definitely a good thing. Nothing to be weary of. He'd probably even protect the child. She was so young. That didn't worry DeeAnna though. She wanted kids of her own, this would be a chance to show how well with them that she could do. She was definitely motherly. No doubt about that! First impressions were everything and she'd gone to town on the perfect outfit. She wanted to look nice, but not too fancy. Not that she couldn't pull that off too. She could. It just wasn't the time for dressing to the nines after all.

DeeAnna was in a pair of navy shorts that came to mid-thigh and a soft lilac colored tee-shirt with brilliant burgundy and lemon flowers on it. Deep green leaves embroidered around them. It looked like a heart bouquet really and would definitely be eye-catching. Blue was bouncing around her heels as she got ready and grabbed his leash after a quick breakfast of cereal and Orange Juice. The sun was shining bright and the day was already warming up as she clipped it onto his collar and they went out the door. The walk to the park was a good little distance, but nothing she couldn't handle.

Blue's barks at birds brought a chuckle to her lips. "I know boy." She murmured. He had so much energy in the mornings, the walk would do him good. So would the fresh air. She'd throw his frisbee around some for him too in a while. First they had a father and daughter to meet. Her fiance, and future daughter. Of course she would be a step-daughter but not in DeeAnna's eyes. This would be her future daughter. She could only imagine how anxious and nervous Toryn must be about their first meeting. Kaylee was barely a year old. This wouldn't be hard; DeeAnna knew how to work with children. She wouldn't be working with them though; she'd be the little girl's mother. Someone the girl could hopefully look up to as she grew up. This wasn't just some chance meeting, this was the first of hopefully the rest of their lives. Marriages were meant to be forever. DeeAnna would try her hardest to make sure it lasted.

Love wasn't something you just threw around, and perhaps they might not be true love at first, but they could work on that. They had the rest of their lives to work on it. Yeah, they both had reasons to be nervous. No doubt about that either. She cleared her throat and whistled softly to catch Blue's attention. He looked at her then glanced off to a child's squealing of laughter. "Do you think that's them Blue?" It was a young girl clearly as she drew closer and a man. Her father? It must be. She glanced around the area and spotted no one else. It was around 10:00 A.M. now and they were the only pair around where a young child was concerned. This brought a smile to the woman's lips. She paused a little distance from them and gently commanded the Australian Shepherd to sit. "Stay Blue." She murmured and he gave a low whine but did as he was told. That tail was going a mile a minute though and she laughed softly.

"Good morning! You must be Toryn and Kaylee right?" She paused a moment to offer a soft smile. "I'm DeeAnna." She continued before nodding gently to the dog by her feet. "This is Blue." Clearly he wouldn't hurt a fly, but she wanted to be sure that Toryn knew he existed and realized that. DeeAnna never would have brought him along if she thought otherwise though. She was so nervous, but she was excited too. Vow had done a good job; he was very handsome. Little Kaylee was adorable. Those hazel eyes lit up watching her and she waited to see how they reacted. She would not approach until she knew Toryn and Kaylee were ready for it.