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July 19th, 2016

He wasn't about to lie, he needed something new. For a man with an expansive literature collection he ironically needed to expand it periodically to keep his sanity. With Emma out with friends he found himself on his own perusing the book store wondering if he should take the initiative and grab something at random or reach out and speak with one of the clerks for recommendations. But that meant having talk to them and moving in that direction…Roland let out a sigh, glaring at the sci-fi books before him with his usual 'bored with the world' look. For the past several years that he had come here, today had to be one of those days where he acted more of a statue than any other.

When he finally did move it was towards a book, clinging to it like a lifeline as his eyes quickly moved over the back cover to discern the plot. A moment later he was sliding it back onto the shelf, unsatisfied with what it he was promising. Plots needed to grab people's attention, wow the reader into imagining. He wasn't a fiction writer but he avidly enjoyed fiction - good fiction that is. If one couldn't love the world being represented, it seemed less likely that a reader would continue reading. In his opinion anyway, and he may have been a bit of a snob in that department, but he felt like he had every right to be given his field and obvious expertise in at least the british aspect of literature.

That didn't get him anywhere with his need for a good read however. And he finally exhausted his sarcastic brain enough to glance about the room in search for one of the usual clerks that wandered around. As long as he didn't get that Asian again with permanent scowl, he was likely to survive the day. Noticing a head bobbing in the distance he soon headed in that direction before feeling his arm bumped into something and hearing a few soft thuds. Glancing in that direction, Rawls glanced blankly at a toppled cardboard display with books scattered around it. Oops. Sighing he was on his knees, making sure the cardboard display was in place before he began his arduous task of picking up the fallen books he had accidentally placed in clumsy disarray.