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Mrs Right
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Mrs Right
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Are you looking for that perfect someone? Look no further!

Here at The Vow Inc, we help you find that soul mate you've
been searching for. We use the latest in technology to make
the perfect choice for you based on the information you've
given us. All payments on arranged marriages are final,
there is no refund if you are not happy with the spouse that
has been selected for you.

You signed a contract and are bound by law to that contract.
In this contract you have agreed to meet your soon to be spouse
at the appointed time and place and a marriage will take place.
What happens after your "I do's" is up to you. You will live and
work in the small town of Evergreen, Indiana, located an hours
drive away from Indianapolis, Indiana. Population: 3,267.

We are an open plot board. After your character has been 'set up'
with your new spouse it is up to you what happens. Will you stay
married, is your spouse a cheater, are you? Anything can happen,
it's all up to you. Welcome to The Vow!