The Virginian Cast Reunion March 2014

The Virginian Cast Reunion March 2014

Victoria Greenly
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07 Nov 2013, 18:38 #1

The Virginian Cast will gather at 'Cowboy Up for Vets 2014' to help celebrate James Drury's (the Virginian) 80th Birthday.

Mark your calendar for March 28-30, 2014 in Swanton, OH (near Toledo)

Go to Mr. Drury's Official website for the details: ... nian-cast/

We hope you are able to attend.

Karen Lindsey, James Drury Assistant :)

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31 Dec 2013, 13:03 #2

I'll be there! (I just noticed I've gone back to being a greenhorn, I should have kept my old user name and not added 60 to it! I actually have over 2,300 posts to my credit!)