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THe V and Trampas, Buck and Joe D ..........of course!

All the old greats
Randolph Scott and Stardust.
Jimmy Stewart and Pie.
J Wayne and his 2 Chestnuts Dollar and Doller, and the Bay named Banner.
G Ford who also loved a big Flashy Chestnut with a white face and legs.

And, all their brilliant sidekicks like Gabby Hayes, Walter Brennan, you could go on and on could'nt you, imagine all of our faves with no Walter Brennan.

I dont watch ...remakes of old Westerns, to me they are not real, just way too much violence in them, really graphic stuff that's often totally over the top.

And i think in general they are just riding on the coat tails of ........the real deal, our great directors and actors from the past who managed to keep us watching 50 years plus after they were filmed in many cases.

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