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Just heard that James Arness passed away.

RIP Matt.

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Jim paid tribute to James Arness and we had a moment of silence during both the V panel discussion and the banquet. R.I.P., Matt Dillon.


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Gunsmoke is currently been Aired on TCM daily. Very enjoyable . James Arness was in the same position as James Drury he played a role that the public/Fans branded him with for life. Marshal Matt Dillon

Interesting to see the same guest stars in all the western tv series. They must of have a full time job running around from movie set to movie set.

Trampas :D

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Yes very sad to lose yet another great Western star - R.I. P. Mr. Dillon !

The Late Great James Arness was also good later as the grizzled 'Zeb Macahan' in 'How The West Was Won' TV miniseries (which is out on DVD) and played a contemporary Police officer in 'McCain's Law' (tho' like Lorne Greene as 'Griff' sadly it was too short lived a show...)

Nice that Jim payed tribute to James Arness - from one Ledgendary TV Cowboy figure to another - class acts both ! B)

In the UK CBS Action channel is still screening season 13 of 'Gunsmoke' on sundays (two episodes) plus first season 'Bonanza' (twice weekdays) - so some TV Western presence IS returning to our screens at long last !

TCM are back to 'The High Chaparral' weekdays now having screened seasons 7 to 9 of 'Gunsmoke' plus first season 'Maverick' and early episodes of 'Rawhide', they have also screened the current TV Western 'Hell on Wheels' which was quite good.

TCM have also screened as a feature film 'Hondo And The Apaches' taken from the short running TV show circa 1967 starring Ralph Taeger as Hondo with both Gary Clarke & Randy Boone from 'The Virginian' also featured. Gary playing a U.S. Army officer.

Let's hope 'The Virginian' & other classic TV Westerns return to our screens in the UK as in the USA very soon !

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Hey Ranger
In Australia atm, viewers with absolutely no prior knowledge of The Virginian would be very confused with how its currently playing on FoxClassics ...
Mon - Fri = started from s1 and now up to s3
Sat - Sun = almost up to Men from Shiloh. :blink:

I've seen them all so many times now I'm not even watching (except for a few fave eps when they pop up!)

On weekdays we also have Gunsmoke (b&w eps - I saw part of Deweys first ep before Xmas) which I dislike so don't watch, and the umpteenth repeat of Bonanza, and Maverick is on late on Sundays. High Chaparral and Big Valley have been and gone.

We got some new fta stations a while back and got to see some Wagon Train - but only up until the Majors departure, and Alias Smith and Jones. Other than that, not too much western joy.