Flash of Darkness

Details of the 249 episodes made.
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Just seen this ep on YouTube. I must say this along with Ride a Dark Trail are my favorites as a 'light weight' fan of this series. I would agree with the comment that the Virginian character lost something in later seasons. But this ep was excellent. It gave JamesD the chance to show his acting chops. Yes the ep showed the V out of character, but that was the point.. there was no one to boss, no horse to ride, no outlaw to shoot or negotiate with; he was left, for a time, to fend for himself in a very unforgiving environment. I think his reactions, fear, desperation and dependence were absolutely appropriate. He knew full well the dangers that faced a man with a good horse and good health; he had neither. It reminded me of watching The Big Valley's "Days of Wrath"; Richard Long's 'Jarrod Barkley' being totally out of character for the series and he was out for blood!

Glad to find this fan site so it could express my op. ;-)

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Lady, in "Ride a Dark Trail" we see a Trampas also out of character, "Work is for mules", etc, cheating and not caring for anyone but himself, these episodes wee great opportunities for both actors to show a different side to their characters.