8 Years On ...The Virginian Forum

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8 Years On ...The Virginian Forum

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24 Nov 2015, 20:25 #1

Just for old times sake I wanted to say Hello everyone... I know it's been a while....Back in 2007 I met Ik_ie on another forum and we discussed how wonderful it would be if there was a forum dedicated to The Virginian. Next month it will be 8 years since this forum went live... Just a little bit of history...A lot has happened in 8 years and I would like to thank all who participated on here over the years especially those that are no longer present with us ... I just wanted to touch base and I hope everyone is keeping well. Trampas :)

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25 Nov 2015, 00:37 #2

And a happy anniversary to you too, Trampas!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US members.

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27 Nov 2015, 14:04 #3

Happy Anniversary to all. I have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this forum, "meeting" other loyal fans, and learning a lot more about our favorite show.


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31 Dec 2015, 22:18 #4

Has it been that long...my. I lost my password and haven't been on for a while. But, I found it. :)