Update from Judd’s assistant

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Update from Judd’s assistant
Friday, June 8th, 2007 by Kevin Seifert

As promised, Vikings employees — including front office staff, executives, scouts, coaches and players — wrapped up construction of the playground this afternoon. The star of the show was director of college scouting Scott Studwell, who was throwing mulch and cement all over the place during the time I was watching.

Afterwards, Childress said he is pleased with the team’s progress through the offseason.

“ a lot of progress,” Childress said, ”a lot of great effort, a lot of great competition, just kind of setting the table as we go to camp. You’ve got a lot of willing participants there. It is the offseason, but the participation is excellent. You couldn’t ask for much more so far.”

We writers had a witty little by-play with Chilldog today. First, a little background:

During practice this morning, DE Ray Edwards got into a little tussle with LG Steve Hutchinson and C Matt Birk. Childress stepped in the middle and helped separate the combatants, but the pushing and shoving continued. Edwards lunged at Hutchinson, inadvertantly knocking Childress in the back and nearly onto the ground.

So this afternoon, AP reporter Dave Campbell asked Childress if he had kept up with Studwell during the playground construction.

“We worked on the two-minute [drill] back at the complex,” Childress said. “We were moving pretty fast down there [at practice], too. Mostly the players.”

To which we replied: You were moving pretty fast, yourself.

Childress caught on.

“You know what?” he said. “A lesser athlete would have got knocked off his feet.”


Have a great weekend, everyone.