New Board, SOS From SuperVclown

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Originally Posted by JerryGarcia4295
so when you inject YOURSELF into the discussion people are not allowed to then compare you to the standard that YOU put forth? jezuz if people get banned for that then this board will not last long. This will be a very interesting experiment. You got a set of balls on ya that's for sure

waterpig proved his idocy on the other board.
You wanna buy into his BS it's your problem.
Truth is you wanna put a great team around me I can play.
Were you a college athlete starter like me?

Doubt it, but I do like you dude.

Hey LCV, was that enjoyable, intelligent and respectful? or just more of the same from SuperVclan?

"Anyone who mocks, insults or ridicules others will be banned."

"Now let's have some enjoyable, intelligent and respectful conversations about Minnesota Vikings football!"

Yep..let's see if you nad up and follow through..I kinda doubt it..

"Wheres my money? I'm getting tired of you ducking me, man. Where's my money?"

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Just going to say that I fully plan on supporting both sites. I'm a free for all type personality, but I also enjoy good discussion. I respect LCV for what he's trying to do, and I already think he's been more than fair to me personally.

You know that I get along with a cross-section of the fans. There are people that you guys give a hard time to that I've met and like. (Denver Viking, Karki, and others) There's others that you ridicule that I agree deserve a bunch of shit, and I don't have to tell you who.

I guess the point of my post is to say that I support LCV and think he's a stand-up guy and I have every confidence he will run his board the way that he says.