How to be an NFL caliber receiver

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Wow, didn't know this is what the make-up of an impact WR is, well at least according to VMan. lol So let's see how many things don't fit in this little statement below.

1. VMan is about 5'7" being generous.
2. VMan is at least 20-30 lbs overweight.
3. VMan has two bum shoulders by his own admission.
4. VMan is 40+ years old.
5. Wrestling has nothing to do with football at a skill position like WR.
6. VMan went to school at UW-Lacrosse? You don't exactly trip over Olympic caliber competition at that school or in that area of the country in the early to mid 1980's. At least from my limited knowledge of the sport.

So just to set this straight, let's see. Let's do a tale of the tape.

Height: Moss 6'4" VMan 5'7"
Weight: Moss 210?? VMan 220-230?
40 Speed: Moss 4.4 VMan 5.6ish
Prior Experience: Moss has 10,000+ receiving yards and numerous Pro Bowls VMan none
Make-up Usage: Moss eye black VMAN Maybellines entire line.

So, as you can see, this was an excellent argument by the VMan. It doesn't show any insecurity at all to have to try to validate yourself in this way. Dork... For a complete summary of the argument of an idiot, go to the other site. Of course, in the middle of the thing, he had a little temper tantrum, so some of the original stuff he posted has been taken down.

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Well, I wrestled alongside, with and against guys who were in the Olympics.

Blew out my shoulders though.
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