Daunte has friends in high places

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But the Phins have time and money.

This is too funny. I thought he left Minnesota to get away from a team that wasn't treating him right and was making him compete for his starting position. Now all he wants is a chance to compete. Interesting.

Dolphins: NFLPA files grievance for Culpepper
The News
The NFL Players Association has stepped in on behalf of Daunte Culpepper, filing a grievance with the league on Tuesday claiming the Dolphins are denying him the opportunity to compete for a job. "He's being employed as a skilled football player, and unless they're going to let him be one, he should be released," NFLPA attorney Richard Berthelsen told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
Our Fantasy Football View
This is similar to the situation that arose last year between Steve McNair and the Titans, when the team barred him from their facilities altogether. That case took six weeks to resolve, so the Dolphins will continue to hold Culpepper out of team practices and seek a trade for him until forced to take action by the NFL. There is no word on when this grievance might be aired, but it will clearly take a Festivus miracle for Culpepper to make a fantasy impact this year.

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Has Culpepper been cut from Miami yet?

"Culpepper never needed Moss. The guy needed a brain. - Wembley Awesome"
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Culpepper Involved In 2-Car Crash In Florida

(AP) Miami, Fla. Miami Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper said Thursday that he slightly bruised his left, non throwing hand in a two-car accident, but escaped serious injury.

"I am fine," Culpepper said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

Culpepper said the vintage Chevrolet car he was driving was rear-ended by another motorist late Wednesday night on a South Florida highway. He said the top of his left hand was bruised and he got X-rays as a precaution.

"The real problem is that the guy damaged my 1975 convertible Caprice Classic," Culpepper said.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky confirmed Culpepper was involved in the accident but had no immediate details.

"We've spoken to Daunte and he assured us he was fine," Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said.

Culpepper was Miami's starting quarterback for the first four games of the 2006 season, before the Dolphins shut him down because of his ongoing knee problems. Culpepper needed reconstructive surgery after tearing knee ligaments while playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2005, then was traded to the Dolphins after that season.

His rehab from the knee injury is ongoing, but he was cleared to resume football workouts earlier this month.

Culpepper has asked the Dolphins to release him from his contract so he can compete to be a starting quarterback elsewhere this season. The Dolphins have told Culpepper that they want to trade him, and last week acquired Trent Green -- who's almost certain to be this year's starting quarterback -- from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a draft pick.