#1 RB taken in draft the last 20 years.

#1 RB taken in draft the last 20 years.

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Something that I've been wanting to do, but hadn't until now... was to point out just how big a gift AD could be to the Vikes, and why I was happy to see him drop to us. There are not too many RBs in the last 20 drafts that have created the buzz that AD has and/or have the size/speed/vision combination. In the last 20 yrs, LT is the closest, but most thought that he would just be a very good back. I don't think that he came out with the "greatness" stamp. Of course, many of us have since been proved wrong.

Of this list of 20, the only RBs that came out with the greatness stamp (IMO) were Bush (06) and Sanders (89). I will say that I didn't know what to think of Phillips when he came out, but suspect that character was such a negative that most saw "bust" not "greatness" and that limited any buzz he could have generated.

I may be going out on a limb, but I see AD as being the best all-round RB to come out in at least the last 20 years... he has all the markings of a great player. The buzz around CJ was that he was the complete package. I see AD as being a complete package, too, and if not for a couple dings we would not have gotten him.

The other thing that sticks out is the low-production for the "top" RB taken. Maybe that's representative of the draft at all positions, and underlines what a crap-shoot it really is... call me feeling lucky we got AD.

06 Reggie Bush (NO)
05 Ronnie Brown (Miami)
04 Steven Jackson(Rams)
03 Willis Maghee (Buff)
02 William Green (Cle)
01 LaD Tomlinson (SD)
00 Thomas Jones (Ari)
99 Edge James (Colts)
98 Curtis Enis (Chi)
97 Warrick Dunn (TB)
96 Lawrence Phillips (Rams)
95 K-Jana Carter (Cincy)
94 Marshall Faulk(Colts)
93 Garrison Hearst(Ari)
92 Tony Smith (Atl)
91 Lenord Russell (NE)
90 Blair Thomas (Jets)
89 Barry Sanders (Det)
88 Gaston Green (Rams)
87 Alonzo Highsmith (Hou)

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May 14th, 2007, 5:53 pm #2

How did they fare and what % shot do we have of AD being very good to elite..

06 Reggie Bush (NO)Way early, but it looks like he will be a Faulk type multi-dimension threat

05 Ronnie Brown (Miami) One pretty good year, one eh year..

04 Steven Jackson(Rams) On an upward trend, should have a very good career..maybe not quite elite..

03 Willis Maghee (Buff)Good to very good..but just a shadow of what he was going to be

02 William Green (Cle) Bust

01 LaD Tomlinson (SD)Bust in Canton

00 Thomas Jones (Ari)Bounced around a lot, but will probably have a good to very good career, not elite

99 Edge James (Colts)Very good to elite..

98 Curtis Enis (Chi)Bust

97 Warrick Dunn (TB)I thought this kid was Darren Nelson II very good

96 Lawrence Phillips (Rams)Massive Bust

95 K-Jana Carter (Cincy)Massive epic bust

94 Marshall Faulk(Colts)Bust in Canton

93 Garrison Hearst(Ari)Very good

92 Tony Smith (Atl)Bust

91 Lenord Russell (NE)Bust

90 Blair Thomas (Jets)Bust

89 Barry Sanders (Det)In Canton

88 Gaston Green (Rams)Bust

87 Alonzo Highsmith (Hou)Bust

50% that AD will be a bust, 50% shot at good to elite..

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(1) Your right, that's a lot of busts (the non-HOF type), but I don't think that any of them were busts because of injury (hmm...).

(2) They were busts for other reasons like... didn't have the right attitude and/or short on pro-level ability in areas like speed, vision, and/or ability to cut in the hole.

(3) Which brings us to AD having the whole package, but injuries. Item #1 says injuries don't really matter, and I'll enter my 2 cents in on Charles Rodgers of Detroit fame... he isn't playing because he doesn't have the right attitude, not because he broke his collar bone a couple times (look at Gore & Maghee). So, at a minimum, AD will be very good.

However, I'd say that he has a great chance at being in Canton. I'm convinced that he is as "complete" a back as any of those on that list. Who is faster, who has a better size/speed ratio, who has better vision, who can cut in the hole and accerate better, who has better power to break takles... it's difficult to judge the catching and blocking, but he sure looks the part in those.

The point being, that a person "might" be able say one of those other backs is faster, another has better vision, another has more shake, another has more... but AD has all those things in one package. I just can't wait to see the kid run in purple! Bring him along easy the first year, teach him when to run out of bounds, how to pick up the blitz... all the little things he needs to learn. Then watch him break Robert Smith's record in 5 years.

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Phillips, too. If you consider a pre-existing mental condition to be an injury.... And if you consider "Million-dollar body and ten-cent head" to be a mental condition.....

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May 15th, 2007, 3:01 am #5

That wasn't all that far back, yet, today an ACL surgury isn't near as likely to be a career thing. Some have had both knees done.

The injury happened right away and he never got the chance to show if he was a legit running back. We will never know if the ACL robbed him of a good career or if he was a bust about to happen.