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Pete wrote:
Renegade_Azzy wrote:But for just a bit more (300), I found a local runabout, fiberglass hull, no motor, trailer and boat titles, and kept covered. Its a serious thought, just need to find a place to put it. 
Maybe the market's different over there, but in this part of the world it's generally reckoned that all the value in a cheap old small motorboat is in the engine. The natural result is that a hull without an engine is basically worthless, because to get an engine for it will cost the same as a complete boat (all the value is in...) and you paid for the first hull. Plus boats take up space and people who haven't used theirs for years accept lowball offers to get their garage or drive back, whereas an outboard on a stand in the back of the shed isn't too much of an embuggerance and doesn't have the "wife just wants shot of it" factor.

Likesay, maybe it's different there, but do check out the going rate for boats with engines, and for engines alone of the sort you might put on that empty hull, before you pull the trigger on a bargain that "just" needs an engine added.

The going rate for a boat with a motor of about the same vintage is around to $300 more. But also all the bits that I found that have a running motor in her older under the $1, 000 range also leave me with a much larger problem which is storage of a much larger bit smaller but I can swing around and move around here a larger one I can't. Also our local lakes it would be kind of silly to put some of the larger boats into with the large engines that I found. Although I do have to say the one with the Chrysler Outboard Motor has me interested just because of all my industry connections with Mopar stuff.
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Renegade_Azzy wrote:And trailer registration.. (which is $18 a year)
There are ways to do 25 year registrations - there's a reason why most semi trailers are registered in Maine..

Honestly, Pennsylvania's bullshit with regard to trailers, especially home builds, is one of the few things I don't like about the state - the other is alcohol sales.