What should be the second-to-last CNC lathe update this year...

What should be the second-to-last CNC lathe update this year...

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December 30th, 2017, 10:06 am #1

Page 21 of the build is up. I got the Z axis limit switch mounted, got the "home to switch" working (right the first time, too ) and set up a digital caliper-type 6" slide to help me set the turns ratio.

As noted in the earlier thread, I wasn't able to open the supplied Excel file, but several people helped supply the actual math involved. While I didn't have it as easy as just typing in numbers, the math is straightforward, and it just took a little patience.

I got the Z to within 0.0005" in 5" of travel, and the X spot-on at 4.0000" in 4" of travel.

-Each, of course, within the limits of the half-thou resolution, no-name import digital-caliper type bar. Probably not actually perfect, but almost certainly pretty dang close.

I was, however, happy to see that, while I was adjusting and readjusting the turns ratio, each time I reset the Acorn and re-homed it, it kept coming right back to precisely the same spot, each and every time.

Those Omrons are apparently some pretty good switches.

Now, unless I'm forgetting something, I think I just need to set up a couple tools (tool offsets) and 'part zero' on a chunk of 1" roundbar, and I should be about ready to try the pawn program.