What's been happening with Car 9999. Things have gotten weird

What's been happening with Car 9999. Things have gotten weird

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November 4th, 2017, 10:27 pm #1

Assuming it's OK to talk about a car on a "paintball' forum.

I apologize that this won't be about building a new axle, etc. Most of that is now complete on this car. Also, I won't get into the details of degreeing a cam, or changing the boost pressure. *

I haven't updated in a while because we choked in September, but the standings have become more fluid and I thought some of you might find the current situation interesting.

At the beginning of September we were the #2 car in the points standings. But at the September meet, we just failed to set a record, and cars #1 & #3 both did. That dropped us to third, and things started looking bleak. It appears we may be close to what this engine can put out, and in fact, it looks like we were making things worse not better with our tuneups.

For the October meet, we backed things off a little bit, and added a couple of pressure sensors. One on each side of the turbo. We had an intake pressure sensor, but one at the turbo would show pressure drop across the whole intake plumbing.

At the meet itself, we ran very early, in still air, on a good track, and just bumped up our record. That got us 200 points for the record, plus 25 bonus points. Car #2 did not get a record and sank back below us in the standings. Car #1 just squeaked another record, but here's where it gets weird. The 25 bonus points are only awarded to the fastest car record in the class. Usually there's only one car that sets a record in a class at any given meet, but in October, there were two cars competing in that class. The other car was run by a team in my car club. They wanted to help us, so they entered in the same class as #1, and beat them by half a mile per hour. Car #1 was originally given the 25 bonus points, but after a flurry of e-mails, the obscure multiple-records-in a-class-rule prevailed, and car #1 *didn't* get the bonus. That brought them down much closer to us.

The upshot is that three cars are now all very close together to win the points championship at the meet next weekend. We're in second place by 21 points. If we set a record, and #1 doesn't, or even if they do, but lose the bonus again, we'll be ahead of them. Car #3 holds their current record at 191 mph. In order to get enough points to past us, they'll need a run at least 215 mph. That's not out of the question, but it is pretty tough.

So that's where things stand. The November meet is two days, and teams may get as many as 4 runs during that time.

* Unless someone really wants to know about cam degreeing, or boost adjustments. In that case just ask.