Wednesday Book Update:

Wednesday Book Update:

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February 7th, 2018, 10:36 am #1

Just wanted to give you ladies and gents a more personal update, especially since there's a limit to how much text i can stuff into a comic header.

As I noted in Tuesday's strip- now switched back to a regular strip only image- you people swamped me but good. I made three trips to the Post Office on Monday, and three more on Tuesday. And other than doing the comic each evening, I spent all day of those two days, doing nothing but wrapping, packing, sketching and boxing.

I hope I haven't made any major mistakes, I tried to double and triple check as I went, but if you discover something amiss with your order, don't hesitate to drop me an email.

The two things that are the most delayed right now, are overseas orders, since I have to actually stand in line at the Post Office and the nice lady there has to manually enter the info for the Customs forms (I do all other postage online) and the sketches, since I prefer to sit down and do a proper drawing, not just rush out a scribble and call it good.

So I've only been doing 4 to 6 overseas packages a day, so I don't hold up the line at the PO too long (and that 4-6 is still typically at least 15 minutes at the counter) and I've been doing the sketches in the evenings, just before doing the strip.

I'm only about 11 overseas packages behind, so hopefully the last of the current backlog will be out by no later than Thursday.

The sketches I'm doing as fast as I can, but everybody wants sketches.

Thank you all for the enthusiastic response!