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Thinkertoys wrote: This is a  centrifugal electric slingshot.  It has many superfluous parts that don't contribute to its function, which I find ugly and excessive - ironic because they were probably added "to make it look cool." 

Don't substitute marbles for paintballs; it's rude.  It'll get you kicked out of the park and invited to stay out.   If you used it with paintballs as ammo instead of marbles, you'd be able to spray-paint with a fine mist.  And if paintballs would fire intact?  they'd have a non-axial spin, which would make them curve in weird ways. 

Electric slingshots of one type or another (but probably not this type) could be good paint markers though; The question is whether the energy-to-encumbrance ratio is better with compressed CO2 or batteries. 
A non-axial spin?  So... we'd just need a high-speed camera and some extremely precise way to adjust that spin, and we could curve the pain.... wait...

...we've been here before, haven't we?
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