The Project Binky guys got nothin' on me!

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March 11th, 2018, 2:58 am #1

A few months back, I dragged home this wreck, and declared my intent to race the Project Binky guys to the finish line.

In the intervening four months, I've managed to... get some tires! 😁

The previous owner had left me the rims, but had kept the nearly-new tires. I didn't want this thing sinking into the mud come springtime, so I kept an eye out, and eventually found a set of good, but well-used 275/70/18 tires for a mere $100. That's about stock size for the truck, though I think I'll eventually bump those up to 305 or even 315, which should be about 34" overall. The tires on the Corvair right now are a measured 35" or so.

We had a bit of a warm spell swing through today, so I took a few minutes to shovel a path to the frame, drag the big floor jack out there, and get the tires bolted on.

They're basically just placeholders, but they'll keep the rims from rusting any further, and will let me roll the frame around when the time comes.

The Project Binky guys need to watch out, I'm catching up fast! 😋