Motel Desk Lamp Savings Plan

Motel Desk Lamp Savings Plan

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12 Aug 2017, 05:05 #1

My brother and I are working another race event right now, and I want to tell you about a little ritual we've started. We've been working this event for more than 20 years now, in all those years, the racing association has always housed its workers in the same motel. For the first several years, rooms were assigned somewhat randomly, but for at least the last ten, we've gotten the same room each time. It's nice and quiet, in a corner away from most of the traffic. At some point, my brother discovered that one of the lamps had a loose bottom, and that it was hollow inside. So for fun he stuck a dollar bill inside, to see it if would be there the next year. It Was! So he added another. We've been adding dollars most years now, and there's probably close to $10 in there now. It's free for the taking if anyone notices the hollow lamp.

At this point, a good detective could probably find the room and lamp, but is it worth it for only a handful of dollars? If someone reading this does manage to get the money, please leave us a note so we know who found it.