Anybody need some DIY CNC parts?

Anybody need some DIY CNC parts?

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20 Nov 2017, 05:51 #1

As has been recently illustrated, I'm doing an upgrade to one of my lathes to CNC, and it's been quite the learning experience. Which is shorthand, in some cases, for "I wound up buying parts I didn't really need".

If anyone is, or wants to be, working on a home-shop CNC build and needs some parts, let me know. I don't have a lot, but what I have is in almost all cases brand new, often still in the box, and I don't need it anymore.

A partial list: I have two older stepper motors, I'm not sure of the brand or NEMA size, but they're pretty chunky.

I have a couple of smaller steppers I no longer need, which are basically brand new- at least one 180 oz-in, and possibly as many as two 270 oz-in, with preinstalled back caps and four-pin connectors.

I have a total of three MicroKinetics stepper drivers, plus a power supply. Two are already wired and mounted in an enclosure.

There's also a spare power supply (50V? Not sure, I'll have to get pics of all this stuff) a small pulse generator (basically used for testing steppers) a new-in-the-box SmoothStepper, plus a second BOB I can't recall the name of, but which is similarly still wrapped in it's antistatic bag and has never even been opened. There's a third BOB mounted in the enclosure with the two drivers and power supply.

I will shortly have a couple of surplus but mismatched stepper drivers, probably at least two spare ballscrews (16mm, I think) plus miscellaneous spare cords, connectors and other bits.

I will be doing other CNC conversions in the future, but, for example, I won't be using Mach 3 or older parallel-port computers, so I don't need any of the three BOBs (Breakout Boards.)

I can reuse the stepper drivers and power supply, so if there's no interest in those I'll hang on to them, but most of the rest has been 'obsoleted' by other part choices.

If anybody's interested, I'll try and shoot some pics in the next couple of days. if not, I'll probably just throw it all on eBay.


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I need a NEMA 57 stepper motor (the size that your Shapeoko uses) and up to four drivers for same. Possible a power supply and other parts. The limit is likely to be the cost of shipping to the lower 48.