And yet more, still, shop-page updates... kinda small, though...

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November 5th, 2017, 9:45 am #1

Almost not worth mentioning, but figured I'd post 'em.

One is the first page of a Grizzly mini-mill conversion, which was already converted when a buddy of mine picked it up. Except it was not that great a conversion, and needed repair and upgrading- so we came up with a deal where I'd show him how to upgrade it, while he'd show me how to better understand the software side of things.

He's pretty knowledgeable with the software- far more so than I am- but he keeps disappearing on me. Haven't been able to get ahold of him in close to a year now- hard to learn from a teacher that never shows up.

So naturally, progress on repairing his mill is not really all that high on my list of Things To Do This Week.

I'll eventually finish it, but it might well be a case of "hey, you owe me $X for this work I did".

The other one is my Shapeoko 3 router, which works perfectly- it's brand new- but is waiting for me to finish a dust enclosure so I can actually use the damn thing without covering everything in a forty-seven-foot radius in a thick layer of pulverized tree.

No new photos in either one, really, I just collected 'em together in an easier-to-find format.


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