1943 Retro Hugos

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August 19th, 2018, 6:54 pm #1

The 2018 Hugo Awards will be announced tonight, but the 1943 Retros (for work from 1942) were presented Thursday night at WorldCon76 in San Jose, and I've just updated that page.

The Winners are:
Novel: Beyond This Horizon - Robert A. Heinlein (as by Anson MacDonald, originally in Astounding)
Novella: Waldo - ditto
Novelette: Foundation - Isaac Asimov (original version in Astounding)
Short Story: The Twonky - C. L. Moore & Henry Kuttner (also Astounding)
Professional Editor - (no surprise) John W. Campbell for his work on Astounding. 13 of the 24 fiction titles first appeared there.
Dramatic Presentation: Bambi (?) - the other finalists were Cat People, Ghost of Frankenstein, I Married a Witch, Invisible Agent, & the Jungle Book