SMRPG 2 ideas (eventual project)

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SMRPG 2 ideas (eventual project)

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My idea for Chracters in a sequel.
Party Characters:

Geno- geno has taken a new a karate practice dummy?
Goombill- A crazy old goomba who can use a mini cannon to shoot bullet bills. Somehow he helps mario from being detected by the Noir.

Johnny K. - A koopa who can throw hammers. He is nearly killed during an ambush of Bowsers army by a dark tribal leader (Kinda like clubbas only crazy and evil looking)

Bow- Bow returns to help Mario after the Noir revive an old enemy to the Boos....

Bombino- A bomb who is able to light his fuse with Marios help. he is usually depressed. he can blow up weak walls.

Dyna- The now adult mole joins mario to save the world. She has the ability to dig holes when a treasure is near.

Doopliss- THis Doopliss is not the one from marios world but rather from an alternate reality in which the bad guys are kind. he has the ability to copy enemy abilities.

Bowser- bowser joins in late in the game. He doesent have any special abilities except breathing fire.

Toadalina- A gardener who is robbed by a member of Noir. this convinces her to Join mario

FlyGuy- a shyguy who was created as a toy but brought to life by geno after being trashed and discarded. he can bring the layer to higher places.

important NPC's (incomplete)

King Mallow and Queen Neia- Mallow is now King and he has found a queen. They help the player in a way that Merlon did in PM by summoning the spirit of Frogfucious.

Peach- Peach helps the player by giving them special items.

Har T. - Formerly Tayce T.'s apprentice, she has studied the culinary arts in Beanbean and has changed her first name to Har. She makes food for the player when given items.

The Master- the karate master who was a total jerk in PM has returned to teach the player and party members new moves and special abilities.

Booster- Booster now runs a place called 'The minigame tower" which is his tower revamped to have mini games within every room. He gives the player prizes for completing mini games successfully or for breaking records.

The Snifits- The Sinifits (1,2,3 & 4) Are the The minigame Tower's security although they do a horrible job. Occasionally they will appear during mini games.

Jinx- Jinx has grown old and now runs a weapons shop in Monstro City. During a sidequest Jinx briefly joins the player as a request to bring him to The master so he may fight him.

Tre Veatime- A chuck quizmo like tour guide to the Monstro Museum which marks past encounters that mario has had in his RPG series.

3 musty Fears- The 3 Musty Fears appear in puppet form in the Mostro City toy shop. They refill marios health and FP for free and even lead him to the Star Orb in the level.

Minor Npc's (incomplete)
Whacka- Whacka returns for more abuse on Spirit island. He owns an inn too.

Frogfucious- Frogfucious has passed away since SMRPG. He reappears in the apparitio Falls and even askes mario for Cricket Toast.

Mayor MaMa- Monstro maMa (or Mayor MaMa) has built a city on the sands of Lands End as a new home for the monsters whos homes were taken during the noir invasion of Monstro Town.

Worlds/Levels (incomplete)

Toad Town- The hub world, also the largest appears in a similar way as it did in PM.

Moleville- Moleville has been taken over by the Noir and its inhabitants have been forced to work in the mines to look for the star orb. A few residents are in hiding and plan to overthrow the Noir until mario comes to their aid.

Bowser's Castle- The Noir take over Bowsers castle and destroy it in an attempt to enrage Bowser thus making him an easy target to convert.

Forsaken Forest/ Dusty Gulch- The Noir have taken over these two areas in an attempt to revive an old invincible foe.

monstro City- Monstro Town was destroyed by Noir so Monstro mama bult a city on the sands of lands End.

Weapons (incomplete)

THe weapons are not used like they were in SMRPG but rather as special moves like in PM (there are still special moves)

Mario- Hammer, Fire ball glove (shoots mini fire balls)

Luigi- Plunger (kind of like a weaker version of the hammer)

Goombill- Cannon, Dynamite, BB gun (Bullet Bill gun)

JK- Throwing hammer, Ninja stars (shiruken??),

Bow- Fan, Slapping glove, Bundle of Money

Bombino- (no weapons yet)

Dyna- Mallet, Metal Claw

Doopliss- Party Poppers, Trampoline (used to lunge at enemies)

Bowser- (no weapons yet)

Toadalina Hedge clippers, weed whacker

Flyguy (all of his weapons are add ons and are basicaslly his only attacks are the parts that are added on)- Laser gun, Exploding torpedo shoes