TheSeason Community Guidelines 2018

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TheSeason Community Guidelines 2018

Humble Watchman
Humble Watchman
Humble Watchman
Humble Watchman
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TheSeason Community Guidelines - updated 3/6/2018
This forum is for students that study with Shepherd`s Chapel and the teachings of Shepherd`s Chapel, other doctrines will not be tolerated

The BEST moderation is utilizing your EDIT button which is available 24/7: If you feel you have broken a guideline, remember, you are in control of your own posts. You have your own EDIT button to change anything you write at any time. 


Questions/Complaints/Feedback/Ideas can be sent to:

Admin/Moderator: Shamrock

Send the Moderator a Private Message here:

Send the Moderator an Email here:

Please document with scripture when in a Biblical discussion
Please place your post in the appropriate forum according to subject
Please keep all images, avatars, signatures, and usernames family friendly


We are a forum for those who study with the Shepherd's Chapel Bible Study daily.
You are a guest here. 
If you do not study with the Shepherd's Chapel you are welcome to join us, but please be advised that those who disrupt this community will be removed without notice.  Fair warning - We will not tolerate those who join and insult our pastors, church or it's members.  That includes accusing our church of being a cult.
Our church is the Shepherd's Chapel.  We ask that you do not post doctrine from other churches in order that we do not have confusion when it comes to doctrine, discussion and Bible study. 

All members are expected to be courteous towards fellow members. 
Members losing their temper, creating an unwelcome environment, or intimidating other members risk losing their membership.

No name calling, sarcasm, mocking, ridiculing, or exploitation permitted.
Usernames must be reasonable in length and cannot be derogatory in nature.  Usernames cannot consist of 'pastor', 'reverend', 'bible teacher', 'elder', 'deacon', 'prophet', 'father', 'master', etc. or the username will not be approved.  We are peers here studying in the Word of God.

The Admin/Moderator will not sort out personal disputes between members (including those which involve offline activities and relationships).  Each member who decides they want no contact with another member must use the 'Foe' feature.  This 'Foe' feature is located in your member profile and will block another users posts from being visible to you.

Whether any post or member warrants disciplinary action or account removal is determined by the Administrator.  The decision to remove a post is based on whether or not a post has violated the guidelines listed below.  A member's post history remains if they cancel their membership. Single posts, by request, can be removed.  Members are asked not to delete their posts en masse because it causes confusion in the threads.


1) Caution Given – a chance to edit your post, agree to change behavior and/or apologize
2) Moderation Queue – all your posts go into a moderation queue for approval before they are posted.  This is a limited membership meaning there is a delay from when you post to when your post is approved.  Other limitations which may be implemented depending how severe the discord is, will be being put in Read Only Mode, and/or loss of your Private Message Box.
3) Membership Removal, Ban – Your Membership will be deleted, or Banned.
How it works:
If the initial caution is heeded, and immediate responsibility is taken through editing your own post, and/or apologizing, no action is taken.
If the initial caution is ignored, responsibility denied, not responded to, and rejected, then your offending post will be removed or edited, and your membership will become limited until amends are made. Limited means: all future posts go into the moderation queue for approval before posting. Some posts may not be approved if there is no change in tone from the member.
If in a reasonable amount of time no attempt to remedy the situation has occurred, then the limited membership will go into Read Only Mode, and your Private Message Box disabled.
If amends are never made, the member risks losing their membership through membership removal or ban.
Please do not use the forums to publicly post any grievances you have with this forum, our members, or any other forums.  THIS WILL GET YOU BANNED IMMEDIATELY.  All complaints are to be sent private to the admin.
Please do not abuse the forum's instant message feature.  It may not be used for promoting other forums or lists, and cannot not be used to harass other members.
Please do not post profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language
Please do not post spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices
Please do not post content or links promoting: rapture doctrine, occult doctrine, denominational doctrine, atheist doctrine, racist doctrine, racially charged posts, or the like.

Please do not take another member's posts and post them elsewhere without permission.  Same goes for bringing in posts from other forums.  They are not to be reposted without permission from the author.
Please do not post sexually explicit content, material, or links
Please do not post content which is inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the forum.  This includes satire news, and inappropriate jokes
Please do not engage in “trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track
Please do not post attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual
Please do not use the forum for final 'good-byes' or 'I'm deleting my membership' announcements
Please do not hold discussions on any illegal activity
Please do not use multiple usernames or use false identities
Please do not post formal medical or financial advice

Please do not post solicitations, or gofundme style fundraisers (donations or monetary assistance) without permission from the Administrator.  Because on occasion, we may want to help another member, it is up to the discretion of the forum host.

Please do not post any of the Shepherd's Chapel copy written work to the forums. Questions? Please call the Chapel directly at 1-800-643-4645 regarding any transcribing, redistributing, or altering the format of any of the Shepherd's Chapel's work.
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