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I believe that writers write because they have a writer, i.e., a well
defined area of their mind/brain which is built to write and enjoys it.
Moping about having a "dry spell" or "writer's block" has always amused
me - if your writer doesn't want to write, it doesn't matter what your
self image thinks it should be able to will itself to do. Obvious. A
person's writer writes exactly and only what it is equipped to write,
and enjoys writing. "The muses" are nonsense. Vision and passion, as
much as I can determine, are largely nonsense. "Will power" is certainly
nonsense when it comes to writing. What is often mistaken for passion
is a slavish devotion to self image as artist, which is nothing but
pride. To quote Mark Heard, "You can be what you like, if you like what
you are." Art can have its own momentum which is a psychological entropy
leading to stagnation. Just because a person has written X, is no
guarantee that the same person can write X² , and X³ . Especially if the
person's writer is bored with the idea. Creativity is like any other
river, each river is defined by its width, depth, and the force of its
current; all of which change on a daily basis. There as so many
alcoholic writers because of the failure to recognize something so
basic. This failure is largely due to pride, expressed as "I SHOULD be
able to do thus and such." Nonsense. The only thing a person should do
is what they are fitted to do, determining which is often a matter of
signigicant mystery and certainly has nothing to do with what other
people(and often one's self) think or feel.
even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then ...