an abstract projection and a ten ton mic drop

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An AbStRaCt PrOjEcTiOn SuNdAy, MaRcH 12, 2017 MaRk : 11:20 HoUrS

finding the feeling of reciprocal gravity within a familiar van allen
belt of plausibility,proximity, and two incont iguous branches of a
given family tree the asphalt roll wind cheated by glass and
hydro-formed body panels / heated seats / passenger²
promulgated a statement saying something to the effect
that there was no monster on the horizon to which driver¹
this planet spun an interrogative rejoinder the one
spinning out of the other's orbit lost over the horizon
engulfed in a black hole of abject ignorance which hurts
when it's personal hurts when its personal is painful when
that missile can be neither vollied nor deflected but only
swallowed by heart burn select freestyle ... that was then
and it wasn't much so redline first and grab second / repeat / repeat /
repeat / repeat now see she's rocking in 6th closing in on a speed
governed 122 oh well momma never said I could have
everything I wanted / right steering lock + clutch in +
full up on the hand brake and don't even think about touching
the brakes spin spun sprung 38 right 14 left 22 right click
clack clunk smash'n'grab bag it don't stack it leave the leftovers
 for the citizens, Citizen Cain / lateral Gs bend right now into
wavy horizon line brass ring gaining on me in the rear-view
split a sawbuck and juggle change change is never as advertised
rolling base line running amok bull in the vise grip lock batten down
and thatch it ro-ro-rotisserate / slap you cut and paste two three four ...
the butterflies in my stomach tasted ok with the tangy béarnaise /
the waiter with the déclass
é Italian provost's mustache may have
had them on a string /sell 'em by the gram with endives, watercress,
and a five pound thumb on the scale /the phantom sharing my table
had a smoky affectation and a counterfeit invitation /mirages are
constitutionally hermaphroditic having diacritics in their signatures /
confabulation was the time of night with wax winged hyphens dotting
every dash /a more austere hand on the tiller would certainly have made
for the safety of depth /mumblety-peg, mumblety-peg, knives and fire
and bright words sheathed in invective /who lives in such unhandsome
climes or dines by the gnash of Scylla on Charybdis /he who raves first
laughs worst tongue tangled in triangular teeth, trip-hammer tiptoe /vermin
underfoot have bellies of hinged boilerplate, marsupials smuggle hand
grenades /I asked for the check; my Thompson chopper had a 100 round
drum - once should do /Lefty couldn't be dissuaded from picking his teeth
with the customer's switch blades /sum it up in a lump button and tucked
between indifferent determinations because baby
the day of death is better than the day of birth


                                                                 even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then ...
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even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then ...