all that matters

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all that matters.

when a breath by the ear spells invitation
enveloped in a letter opened by the dictionary
of posts dated and checked on the basis of
heretofore can set a man in mind of reflections
in a chrome plated bumper circa nineteen fifty four
rocket tipped with shin splinters from gawkers
admiring the shine draped in the shadow of Okigbo
and Wallace Stevens leather wallet folded artifacts
fictions and bivouacs for ant colonies busier than
Cecil Taylor phase shifting 88s and metaphor
we met at the corner of interest and anticipation
brains fed on garden salads hand picked tomatoes
cucumbers spinach sweet onion and red peppers
nothing stuck between our teeth or misspoken
originally written as a post script to an email to Ron "upfromsumdirt" Davis
Blueberry Kitten commented :
Sadly, I've started to fling morsels of chewed food.
poems are such precise snippets of life.
So much that I get lost
It's like (an) out of body experiencing for the poor man.

Your poems are ... like an out of body experiencing for the poor man. - Curtis
even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then ...