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I'm whoever you want me to be. Though I usually go by, Chrissy and/or HannahBananas!

As a child I longed to be a hooker, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. As well as a Nun. It's just how I roll.My loves are James/Starr, Hannah/Bull, Hannah/Markko. They're such a fun trip to be on. I also love Stefan/Caroline and Damon/Elena. And all things Julie Cooper. And/or Julia Roberts.

My friends think I've gone crazy. My judgments gettin kinda hazy. My steeze is gonna be affected if I keep it up like a love sick crack head.

Well, You're a hot mess and I'm falling for you. And I'm like, "Hot Damn, lemme make you my boo." Cause you can shake it, shake it, shake it, yeah you know what to do. You're a hot mess, I'm lovin it, hell yeah.

Nobody puts my bitches in corners, unless there's hot boys doing it.CIA!Do it better, just saying. Love my slores. Bbear,Smartyass,Nana,Tawny,Ally.

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