Merton, Alexander

Alexander Merton
Alexander Merton
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Alexander Gabriel Merton

BLOOD PURITY: Muggle born

BIRTHDAY: October 29th
AGE: 24
ALUMN HOUSE: Gryffindor

WAND: 10" Vine Wood with Phoenix Feather Core
BOGGART: Himself weak and helpless
PET: Little Owl named Daisy

Alex isn't all that tall and is by no means a muscle bound brute, however he has a friendly face and a sometime roguish grin. He bears no scars or overtly distinguishing feature either. He tends to wear a shirt, jeans, and occasionally a jacket. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Alex is generally very kind and considerate and likes to keep things upbeat. He will defend his friends to the end and will openly mock anyone who he doesn't see as being very nice. He never acts seriously if he can help it and also doesn’t respect authority to any kind of degree. He respects people, not titles. He also has a weakness for helping people and taking taking things lightly, it can cause him to act rashly and get in trouble.
Alex isn't a very social person and some real personal space issues. He has no idea how to act in public and becomes very uncomfortable in large groups of people. He also has no idea how to act around women, especially ones he really acts. When he's around a woman he likes he gets quite nervous and can find it difficult to speak.

Alex had the same sort of life all muggle children had. He went to primary school and had a few muggle friends. His life wasn't very eventful but it was pleasant enough. From a young age he had been very interested in science fiction, fantasy, and comic books and had a nice collection. It started because a few comics were among the things his father had left him. His mother died when he was only five and without anyone to support him he was put in to an orphanage. His time was alright there, he missed his parents and it wouldn’t compare to a real home but it could have been a lot worse for him.
When he came of age a wizard turned up to the orphanage and told Alex what he was, he had been down for five years and all of a sudden he was a new person. He was upbeat and happy and raring to go, he had found a purpose in life, to become a great wizard. It also helped that he was literally leaving one life and entering another.
Alex didn't really have any friends at Hogwarts, though was generally liked if not exactly popular. He was also considered quite strange as, unlike most muggle borns who fully get involved in the wizard society, Alex kept a selection of comics and DVDs in his dormitory. He even went so far as to bewitch a laptop computer to run on magic and as such could even access the internet within the Hogwarts grounds.
Alex is very bright, in fact the only the only subject he was mid level in was potions and the only ones he ever failed were Arithmancy and Divination. He may have had great academic mind and a sharp intellect but he was, and still is, somewhat socially inept. He doesn't make freinds easily and finds most social interactions quite difficult. He also tends to fall apart around girls he likes.
When Alex left Hogwarts he found he had an investigative curiosity and also a love of writing. He decided to combine his two loves and pursue a career in investigative reporting. He started off in a few local wizarding papers writing basic articles until he finally landed a very low level job at the prophet. Since then he's been slowly working his way up.

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AGE: 20
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