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Psychopath and Narcissist Survivors Support Group Forum Rules

Our forums are family friendly and we want to ensure you enjoy and feel comfort and safety on this site. We are not professionals, and cannot diagnose, it is your decision, whether or not you take any advice or suggestions given to you. This is a support forum only, and any information within this site is not a substitute for Professional Therapy/Counselling, medical or legal help.

All users who participate on these forums are expected to follow and abide by the following rules and regulations. By participating and posting you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

Board Rules & Guidelines for posting

No inappropriate language

No graphic pictures, nudity, or semi-nude photos or videos.

No posting of explicit sexual details.

No descriptions of, or reference to, self-harm, intended self-harm, or sucidal ideation.

No attacking, name calling, talking down to or belittling our members or moderators; we have zero tolerance for any form of abuse.

No spamming or spamming via multiple postings. Website links to spam sites are not allowed.

No multi Level Marketing/spam/scam promoting to our members through threads or postings.

No solicitations of personal donations, emergency funds, finances, gifts or panhandling.

No disrespectful postings regarding other forums.

When posting copyrighted material of any sort you must provide the source and a link to the URL. The website address and author information needs to be included in the body of your message. If you copy any information from the link, it must be a small excerpt only taken from the whole portion, and the text must not be altered in any way.

Any link to other websites posted in any message must be considered a PG rated site. A link pointing to an illegal or adult oriented site or any other inappropriate site will be deleted and may result in membership termination.

Personal advertising for your business must be approved by the managers before posting anywhere on the forums. Advertisements will be deleted if they are posted without first contacting the managers of this site. If you are interested in posting an advertisement for your business, please contact the managers for approval and provide a copy of the advertisement you wish to post.

We expect all members to behave as adults and in a reasonable manner when posting. Treat others with dignity & respect (as you like being treated).

No disrespectful, mean-spirited and unreasonable posts. While we respect debates and sometimes heated discussions regarding certain topics, we ask that posters do not personally attack or insult any other member.

While we cannot validate all the information posted on all our forums, any information posted that is deemed overwhelmingly false and/or slanderous will be removed without notice.

All postings made by users are the statements and opinions of each individual user and do not necessarily reflect the views of the managers.

Because this is an emotionally charged environment, situations between posters occasionally flare up. It is the job of the moderators to manage these situations. Please do not interfere in these communications.

If you find yourself upset or triggered by another poster, walk away. Drama between board members will not be tolerated on this board. This is a place for recovery."

If you have any issues regarding anyone’s posts – DO NOT RESPOND. Please email WindSong at windsongsharmony@gmail.com (and include a link).

By posting on this forum you agree that you will not post: foul, rude, crude words, or materials, including websites or videos. By posting, you agree that you will not post: abusive, harassing, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, racist, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate applicable laws. Such postings will be removed and may result in a permanent membership ban.

From time to time another member may post legitimate content that you find emotionally upsetting, triggering or offensive, even though this content is otherwise entirely in compliance with forum rules.  For example, many of our members have suffered various forms of violence and assault, many have come from religiously oppressive backgrounds or marriages, many lead "alternative" or non-traditional lifestyles -- all are welcome to share their stories and experiences here insofar as they remain on-topic and germane to open discussion.

Accordingly, you are encouraged to place a warning in the subject line or body of your post or thread if you have reason to believe it might be upsetting to other members, and to avoid posts and threads whose subject line indicates you might find the material contained within to be upsetting or offensive to you. 

The responsibility for the effects of what you read here remains your own. 

If a post or thread has been clearly labeled as triggering or potentially offensive, other members are fully expected to use their own discretion in continuing to read it.  For this reason, criticism of posts and threads of members who have clearly identified their subject or content as potentially offensive will not be tolerated insofar as that content is otherwise compliant with our board rules.

This is a deliberately secular, apolitical board for the healing of those victimized by narcissists and psychopaths.  People of all faiths -- or no faith at all -- are quite welcome here. While we recognize that faith often plays a large part in an individual's path to healing, it is just as frequently used to abuse and control others, and thus is a very triggering subject for many members.  Consequently, posts of a provocative nature, posts that could be considered proselytizing or disrespectful, and religious/political posts unrelated to the mission of the board will not be tolerated. 

As stated above, it is not the policy of this board to formally endorse any offsite materials or methods, and any opinions you read here about such materials are the opinions of that member and not the board as a whole. As a related matter, it is our forum policy to disallow posts regarding Psychopath/Narcissism-related forums like our own. We do not allow our members to post reviews or comparisons of boards similar to our own, and by the same token, eliciting opinions and discussions about any other Psychopath/Narcissism-related forum on our board is not allowed. Instead, we encourage our members to explore other forums and form their own opinions based on personal experience.

For your own online safety and security please do not post any personal or private information regarding yourself, your abuser, other people or their families (which can also be classed as Slander/Libel), including, real names, phone numbers, home and email addresses, or any other methods of contact that can be used to trace your true identity, location, etc...

Information that is publicly available may be posted under most circumstances. Please note that just because a person is in the news does not make it acceptable to post personal information about that person. The managers will have the final ruling as to what we feel is inappropriate, inaccurate, unfair, untrue or inappropriate about a particular person or entity.

When quoting a user or post, use the exact quote feature, it must be quoted as originally posted without any editing.


This is a privately funded message board and the managers reserve the right to change or remove any inappropriate posting or signature at any time when deemed detrimental to our board rules. Members warned to either delete or modify any avatar or signature line that is in violation of our rules, must comply. If you see a board violation, please report it to the managers. Any violation of our rules could result in a permanent membership ban.

All issues pertaining to the board rules will be discussed and handled by the management team. You may e-mail a manager if you question any rules rather than posting protests in threads.

These rules are subject to change if the management team realize issues affecting our goals and mission purpose are being compromised. We reserve the right to run the board as we see fit to the betterment of the board.

Thank you.

Psychopath and Narcissist abuse survivors forum, is a privately run website and is not affiliated with any other board.

Board owner for any queries - Contact: windsongsharmony@gmail.com

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