The Inazuma / Ikazuchi conundrum, revisited.

Kevin D
Kevin D

September 3rd, 2017, 10:54 am #1


Posted following on two other forums specialising on the IJN as it were, on which are what I would consider rather (even very!) knowledgeable folks, and nary a response, nary one. Now I don't know if no one is interested in subject (although the photos were viewed by a couple of dozen or so folks), or just no one knows / or doesn't care, so thought I'd give it a try here. (And as matter of fact I think it was Jan who AFAIK who 'first' ID'd the scuttled vessel as almost certainly being Kasuaris, as I think my comparison photo shows she is.)

So to continue;

Well, as many of us know there was for a long time a conundrum not only regards how many IJN destroyers were involved during the Battle South of Borneo (against Exeter, et al), but just who they were.

Well, although some Brit reports state five IJN DD’s were present, we now know (from IJN reports) there were ‘only’ four.

But the more tricky question is that, for a long time, and still in some uninformed circles, it was believed it was Ikazuchi that was there, when in fact she wasn’t, it was Inazuma (a simple misinterpretation by earlier researchers of the kanji for the two ships names being so similar, as seen written on IJN AA battle report charts). Be that as it may, we now know it was Inazuma that was there and performed the coup de grace on Exeter, with two torpedoes (one basically amidships and one to the bow just forward of A turret).

So, with that settled where was Ikazuchi? Well according to some reports off intercepting the small Dutch ‘lighter’ (i.e. small harbour tanker) SS Kasuaris south south east of Bawean Island.

From Ikazuchi TROM;
1-3 March:
Attempted capture (06-30'S, 113-00'E) of Dutch oil tanker KASUARIS (or KARUIRUS), which crew scuttled, then carried crew to Bandjermasin. (See pos on map below.)

Well that certainly can’t be possible, given Kasuaris was scuttled at / in Surabaya harbour, as I think any reasonable observer will conclude the two ships compared below are (as other Dutch sources do).

So given that 'fact', where was, and what was, Ikazuchi doing that day and who was it that she intercepted / captured?