KNIL Howitzer Battalion-Java

KNIL Howitzer Battalion-Java

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Hi All,

Here is some text from the book "The Japanese Attack on Java." (De Japanse aanval op Java Maart 1942 by J. J. Nortier, P. Kuit en P.M.H. Groen), about the KNIL Howitzer Battalion on Java. In it, it says the KNIL Howitzer Battalion was positioned for fire support of "Detachment Powlett", while in Buitenzorg on March 5th. I assume this is the British Hussars Tank Squadron on Java.So, I was wondering, did the KNIL Howitzer Battalion fire any shots in anger whilst in the Buitenzorg area with the Hussars?
Anyways, here is the text, translated by my Dad.

I have compiled a timeline for the movements of the 1st detachment (Afdeling) of the 1st Artillery Regiment of the KNIL, based mainly on the book
"The Japanese Attack on Java." (De Japanse aanval op Java Maart 1942 by J. J. Nortier, P. Kuit en P.M.H. Groen)
The 1st detachment (A1Hw) consisted of 14 motorized Howitzers (10.5cm). It was divided into 3 Batteries of 4 Howitzers each (CO: Major J. P. G. Schmitz) plus one section of
2 Howitzers positioned at Tjimahi which later moved to Bandoeng.

28/02/1942= A1Hw in position along the Tjisdane River near Tangerang, facing west.
01/03/1942= One Battery (3rd Battery ?) under 1st Lt. W. H. Keijl was detached to support the 10th Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment. It was positioned at Tangerang - North.
A1Hw (minus 1Battery) moved into positon at Tangerang-South.
02/03/1942=3rd Battery ordered to leave its position at 1 o'clock to support recco mission of the 10th Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment.
03/03/1942=Recco cancelled, 3rd Battalion moved to Sadang at 9 o'clock. Later it proceeded to Bandoeng. (Date unknown).
04/03/1942=A1Hw moved from Tangerang to a position at the northern end of Buitenzorg .
05/03/1942=In the morning A1Hw made a small change in position to lend support fire for detachment Powlett and 10th company, 2nd Infantry Regiment. It was now in position at Kedonghalang along the railway line from Buitenzorg - Tjitoeroeg - Tjibudak - Soekaboemi.
06/03/1942=A1Hw west of Tjirandjang.
08/03/1942=A1Hw in the early morning positioned near Tjitoerang.
Surrendered in Soekaboemi ?