Out With The Spammers- Immediately

This area regards spammers and our policy on immediately terminating their access upon discovery.

Out With The Spammers- Immediately

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Administrative_ Moderators

03 Jun 2007, 11:09 #1

Due to the ever increasing problem with spammers invading the board we are stating the following policy regarding spammers (or suspected spammers)

Effective immediately, the following email address domains are banned from joining:
  • *@mail.ru
  • *@info.com
  • *@info.net
  • *@wp.pl
  • *@atlantmail.com
  • *@gmail.com
  • *@babusya.com
This list can <you>and will </you>be added to as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: we do have a couple of members with the @mail.ru extension who are valid AND valued members. If you experience difficulty posting, please email either Karen or myself and we will be able to grant you access based on other user ID information.

We apologize for having to take such a hard nosed approach, but we hope to head the problem off before it takes over the board- like what has been happening in other online groups.

We owe it to you members and friends to protect you all- especially our younger members- from online predators, solicitors and otherwise freaks.

Again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.