Forum 'clean-up' Days 2009

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Forum 'clean-up' Days 2009

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20 Jun 2009, 14:21 #1

Howdy there all
In case you have noticed, Karen has been working hard at clearing out 'clutter' on the board to make it a much more effective place for us all to enjoy.

Karen has spent the last week or so going through the Membership roster; anyone who has been inactive for a year or more has been removed from the membership roster. THEY ARE OF COURSE WELCOME TO REJOIN. It's just a way of keeping the board fresh. We had over 400 INACTIVE folks that literally had not even visited in a year. So...that decision was made.

We've also collectively gone through and cleaned out the 'Just Chatter' section - anything prior to the last year is pretty much gone as it was just that...our daily chatter about our lives and interests in general. Since so many members were clipped, there also was many personality profile type 'fun' questions that included somewhat personal information of theirs- since there were so many, it was the logical (and least time consuming) choice to make.
So...start anew!!

We've also added a new section: Introductions! ... owforum=72
It's a spot for newbies to share a bit about themselves before jumping full speed ahead onto the forum. This would be the place to put personality questionaires (you know, the 'just for fun' ones) and stuff like that. It's a private area; viewable by current members only.

In looking forward to the start of the new school year we will be doing more maintence on the website and forum in general. If you have any ideas, please feel free to shoot us a private message or email at any time.

I hope this summer finds all of you well and happy. ((hugs)) to all and take care!

Also, if you haven't already done so, could ya'll please go into your 'profile' and add your first names to it? It sure makes things easier when addressing each other.
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