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July 18th, 2008, 7:04 pm #1

  • Adding Video and Spoilers to Posts:
    Zetaboards supports the following "Full BBCode List".
  • Navigation:
    There are several new ways of finding what you are looking for. Zeta takes you automatically to the newest unread messages. Two commonly used links are Replies to Your Topics and Active Topics found at the bottom of the main page. You can look for posts or topics made by a specific member by selecting Profile Options (on the left) when in thier Profile. The search function is also fully functional.
  • Changing Usernames:
    Zetaboards allows for members to request a change in user name. Name changing will only be approved if you PM the admin with the best persuasive essay on why you wish the change. After that, Admins and Mods will discuss whether it's necessary (don't worry, as long as you write a great persuasive essay, most likely it's going to be ok!).

    A good name will not be too hard to read and write and is free from things that will go against TON rules. A bad name will be a name with too many non alphabetical or numerical stuff and etc.