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ZetaBoards Conversion

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April 27th, 2008, 11:52 am #1

Dear Members of The Ocarina Network,

We noticed that there are some problems in opening The Ocarina Network yesterday and there was another problem again today. I hope that did not alert you as the Invisionfree Forum are doing some general maintenance throughout all servers and now they are doing some maintenance on server15 which is the server The Ocarina Network resides in.

The past PM problem had been a general server15 problem too and, as you may have already known, has been solved.

The Ocarina Network is hosted on InvisionFree forums and since the day we made it, we opted in for it to be converted to ZetaBoards. I know it was a mistake for us not to choose ZetaBoards straight away, but due to the fact that we had contributed quite a lot to the InvisionFree server at that time, we decided to just stay with it and wait for the auto-conversion.

I would now like to share a great news that InvisionFree had finished developing the auto-converter and is starting the conversion slowly this weekend. There is no telling when our board will get converted, but please do not be alerted by this fact as contents of the forum will not change when we are converted. Feel free to keep posting new information and discussions too as they won't be deleted during the conversion.

The only thing I would add is that please be notified that the forum will definitely be offline during the conversion, and if that happens, it should not come as an unfortunate thing but a happy thing, knowing that our forum is being converted to a new one.

I hope you are all as excited as all of us. We hope you will continue to contribute to our forum. And once again, the conversion is safe and nothing will be changed when we are converted.

Best Regards,
Admins and Moderators of
The Ocarina Network
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