October is OcAwareness Month

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October 4th, 2013, 10:24 pm #1

What are you doing?
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Pacchioni Tripla-P C5 (Bass)
Triple Huaca
Bon Solist Triple
Dinda Double AC
Dinda Triple AC
Maparam Triple

Transverse Ocarinas (Sweet Potato)
:aria: Aria, Tenor C
Aria, Alto G
:muse: Songbird Muse (Eb & F)
Songbird Dragon Tooth, 13-hole (D)
Zin: Soprano C, Tenor C (Bass)
Hamlett, Alto C
Epicai Crab Claw (E)

Spoony AC
Dreambirth Abstract Bass
Robert Hickman AC

Inline Ocarinas
Hind Tenor F
Mountain Aluminum G

Pendant Ocarinas
Whistleworks Killer Whale
STL Mouse

Vintage Ocarinas
:oldoc: Fiehn: C1, B2, E4.5, D5 (1877 stamp), C6, A7.5, G9, C13, G17
:budrio: Chiesa
:budrio: Canella
:oldoc: Teschner
:oldoc: Old Glory: C, G
:oldoc: Gretsch: C, G
:oldoc: EWA: F
:oldoc: Guido Bondi (GB)
:oldoc: Hopf
:oldoc: Reform
:oldoc: Missnia
:oldoc: "Original"
:oldoc: Mathieu (metal)
:oldoc: Waterbury

Broken Ocarinas
:brokenoc: None!
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:budrio: Vintage Ocarinas (PM me if you have any for sale)
Maparam Ocarinas (PM me if you have one for sale)
fm12692's Bass
Hind Double Sweet Potato
Spencer Double
Pacchioni Classic & Quadrupla-P
Focalink AC Triple Forte
Menaglio Do 7
Purple Clay Triple
Osawa Forte Triple
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Triple Ocarinist x 3
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October 4th, 2013, 10:33 pm #2

Phew... I was waiting for someone to pick up on this!

I was going to probably start wearing some pendants around (out of the very few I have), but I didn't know if October was still OcAwareness month. But it looks like I was right, so... I guess I'll start Monday then!
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:inline: Mountain Poly AC
:inline: Mountain Poly SG
:ocarina: 6th St. SF
:ocarina: 6th St. "art" TF
:ocarina: DBO Labyrinth AC
:budrio: Arrigo Mignani AC
:triple: ICO Triple BC
:ocarina: STL Purple Clay SC
:oldoc: Hopf SG
:inline: DPP Amber Relic AC
:double: ICO Double SF
:oldoc: EWA SC
:oldoc: Fiehn SG
:oldoc: Fiehn AG#
:oldoc: Waterbury AC
:oldoc: Fiehn ABb
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SA
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SD
:ocarina: DBO SBb
:oldoc: EWA SF
:pendant: Tenrai SA
:pendant: DPP Transverse Pendant SC#
:oldoc: Gretsch AC
:ocarina: Night Provence AF
:oldoc: Hopf AC x 3 (Various models)
:triple: Solist Triple AC
:ocarina: Dinda SC
:ocarina: DBO Abstract AA
:double: Aketa Double AC
:oldoc: Gretsch SC
:ocarina: STL Santa Monica AC
:pendant: Missouri Mystery SD
:pendant: Missouri Mystery SB
:ocarina: Songbird Strawfire SG
:budrio: Emilio Cesari SF
:ocarina: DBO AC
:oldoc: Fiehn SE
:oldoc: Bondi SF
:ocarina: Mysterious Old Glory-like TF
:noblered: Noble Plastic AC
:ocarina: DBO SE
:pendant: STL MaxRange Double Pendant
:focalinksoprano: Focalink Plastic SC
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SEb
:oldoc: (Aketa) Prima Maestro AC
:budrio: Mezzetti SC
:oldoc: Mathieu AD
:ocarina: DBO AD(b)
:ocarina: DBO SA
:ocarina: Osawa i Plastic AC
:oldoc: Fiehn TEb (1877 stamp)
:budrio: Menaglio SC
:triple: Dinda Triple AC
:inline: Hind TF
:oldoc: Old Glory AC
:oldoc: Ideal (aka Missnia/Freyer) SF
:ocarina: Woodsound Plastic AC
:ocarina: Ocarina Wind AC
:ocarina: Focalink SC
:triple: Clacol TAC
:ocarina: TNG AC
:oldoc: Mysterious SF w/ tuning slide
:ocarina: Rotter Piccolo F
:ocarina: Dinda AA
:double: Dinda DAC
:oldoc: Old Glory BC
:ocarina: Spencer Concert Series AC
:double: Hense DAC (or DSC by his nomenclature)
:double: Pacchioni P* DSG
:oldoc: Mezzetti SE
:double: ICO Double AC

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Quadruple Ocarinist
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October 4th, 2013, 10:53 pm #3

Unfortunately, not a whole lot :S

But this slideshow was technically made for oc-awareness, and all the pictures are from our wonderful TONians :D So, voila!


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October 4th, 2013, 11:06 pm #4

I haven't planned anything specifically for "OcAwareness Month", but there's the 1st Annual "Big D" BIG Ocarina Meetup, and I have a performance on October 17th for an Otsukimi "Moon Viewing". I may have some other stuff going on later in the month, but nothing has been finalized. I might have a new Aria to announce, but we're waiting to see if they'll be done in October or November :)

Oh I almost forgot! A couple of radio shows are trying to arrange something with me, but my schedule might be too full to fit it in to October. Two of them are talk shows and one of them is on an FM classical station that will have me perform live.
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October 5th, 2013, 12:06 am #5

I might promote the Ocarina at local music stors, but I would really want to improve my intonation a lot before I do.
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Thank you ever so much Juan/Akira for the Noble Plastic Ocarina, you are awesome =D.
Thank you Juggler for the TNG Plastic triple in which you were kind enough to give me =D
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[+] Multichambers
STL Zelda Double
TNG Plastic Triple
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Rotter AC (12 hole)
TNG DIY AC (12 hole)
Hamlett AG (11 hole)
Noble BC (12 hole)
Zin Plastic BC (11 hole)
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Focalink Seedpod AG (6 hole)
Focalink Seedpod AC (6 hole)
Focalink Tai-Chi SG (6 hole)
Songbird OoT AC (6 hole)
STL Rupee SC (6 hole)
TNG Ladybug (6 hole)
TNG Teacarina (4 hole)
[+] Inlines
Mountain Ocarina Polycarbonate AC (9 hole)
Mountain Ocarina Polycarbonate SG (10 hole)
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New Vista SC (6 hole) - Gifted to TheYusumi in Secret Santa
STL Potion AC (6 hole) - Gifted to friend
STL Zelda Double - Met unfortunate fate with kitchen floor
TNG Plastic AC (12 Hole) - Gifted to Hylian_Sheildmaiden
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October 5th, 2013, 12:21 am #6

I'm planning on wearing a different ocarina to school every day and playing a different song every day! I kinda slacked on that this week, but I just watched David's video and I'm inspired now. I guess I'll have to repeat ocarinas, since my collection has only four. Oh well ;)
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October 5th, 2013, 12:26 am #7

I'll be participating in David's collaboration video. :)

Zero Tolerance
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October 5th, 2013, 1:47 am #8

Same as Mark. At least I hope so. :sleepy:
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New Vista pendant in red and white :pendant:
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Songbird Double Harmony
Hylian shield pendant in G
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Noble Bass C in black :nobleblack:
Something from Hamlett
Something from Casper
A good Focalink Alto C pendant to replace my New Vista :pendant:

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October 5th, 2013, 3:03 pm #9

I'm trying to find a day and time for all of the members of my Rhode Island Ocarina Guild to have a meetup next week. You'd think with such a small group, it would be easy for us to celebrate OCtober together. Scheduling is such a hard thing to do. :facepalm:
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Triple Ocarinist x 2
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October 5th, 2013, 8:32 pm #10

Same as Mark, I have the sheets without tabs, and love the tune! Patty will be working on oc and I will accompany her on guitar or maybe we will multitract a bunch, just have to decide how we are going to do this!