Inline Ocarinist x 5
Inline Ocarinist x 5
Location Southern Ontario
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Interests Music, recording, video projects, drawing, content creation, more.
Oc of Choice: Italian 10 Hole Transverse
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Ocarinas I Own:
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:ocarina: Focalink Soprano G 12 Hole Strawfire
:pendant: Focalink Soprano C 6 Hole Strawfire
:pendant: Focalink Alto C 6 Hole Strawfire
:double: Focalink Double Soprano G
:pendant: Focalink Sopranino F 6 Hole Strawfire
:pendant: Focalink Jade Crackle Soprano 6 hole
:double: :pendant: Island Ocarina Harmony in Soprano/Alto C
:budrio: Fabio Menaglio Do3
:budrio: Fabio Menaglio Do1
:oldoc: Gretsch Soprano C Pink
:oldoc: Gretsch Soprano G Blue
:oldoc: Gretsch Alto C Pink
:ocarina: Dreambirth Bass C
:budrio: Claudio Columbo Contrabass C
:focalinkgreen: Focalink Alto C Plastic Green
:focalinksoprano: Focalink Soprano C Plastic Blue
:whistle: Bird Whistle / Ocarina (Warbles)
:ocarina: Hamlett Alto G in Aged Bronze - Italian fingering
:pendant: Hind Soprano Bb DIY Kit In Walnut & Padauk
:pendant: Peruvian Ocarina (Gift)

As you can see, I love strawfire ocarinas!
Ocarinas I Want:
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:budrio: Claudio Columbo Bass G
or a :ocarina: Rotter Bass G