Quadruple Ocarinist x 2
Quadruple Ocarinist x 2
Location Corpus Christi, Tx
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Interests Things that I <3 : My son, God, animals, bunnies, nature, all things Zen, ocarinas (especially wooden ocarinas), chinese food, the color pink and brown, earth tones, art, my family, crab ran goons (nom nom!), Link (my Siberian husky), walks, calming zen music, asian decor, adventures, cardio (need to start excersising again), swimming, saltly foods (opposed to sugary foods), did I say Chinese food (^_^), compliments (who doesn't right?), a cozy home, candles. And the holidays! Not nesseccary in that order.
Oc of Choice: Spencer Concert Series AC/Hind Sweet Potato Tenor
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Lover of all things KAWAII... and Bunnies! <3

Mah 3DS friend code: 1693-2421-6200
[+] My Ocarina Collection <3
My Ocarina Collection

Single Chamber Transverse Ocarinas

:ocarina: Spencer Concert Series Alto C Ocarina (Ebony Finish)
:ocarina: Spencer Concert Series Alto C Ocarina (Ivory Finish)
:ocarina: Hind Sweet Potato Tenor Ocarina in Walnut (My B-day Gift) ^_^
:ocarina: Takashi Alto G Ocarina
:ocarina: Takashi Bass C Ocarina
:ocarina: Oberon 12 Hole Alto C Ocarina
:ocarina: Focalink Soprano C Ocarina (Custom painted with Pink Cherry Blossoms)
:ocarina: Gooselink Soprano Ocarina (Alto C)
:ocarina: F2 Rotter Ocarina
:ocarina: F1 Rotter Ocarina
:ocarina: Aria Soprano G Ocarina
:ocarina: Totoro Ocarina (Blue and Cream)
:ocarina: Tenrai Ocarina of Time Replica Ocarina
:ocarina: Utopia Dragon Cloud Alto C Ocarina
:ocarina: World Market Ocarina (Really, it is my son's toy xD)

Multi-Chambered Transverse Ocarinas

:triple: Focalink Triple AC Dolce Ocarina <3

Inline Ocarinas

:inline: Mountain Ocarina in G Ocarina

Pendant Ocarinas

:pendant: Teacarina
:pendant: Focalink Sopranino Pendant Ocarina (Straw-Fire Finish)
:pendant: Focalink Holiday Penguin Pendant Ocarina
:pendant: Holiday Snowman Ocarina
:pendant: *coughperuviancough*