Double Ocarinist x 2
Double Ocarinist x 2
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Interests Anime, Roleplaying, Ocarinas, music, friends, being generous, anything funny!
Oc of Choice: Maparam Triple
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?Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness you can become stronger, as well as kinder.?

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9-hole Soprano in the key of G
John Langley Songstone :pendant:
John Langley Alto in D :pendant:
Songbird Amethyst Crystal Stoneware Bass in G (Amy) :pendant:
Songbird Little Wing Prototype #11 in F (Hikari)
Maparam Triple Alto C
Songbird Dragontooth (Broken)
Focalink Plastic SC
Songbird Shield Ocarina
Muse Ocarina in F (Yune)
Songbird Gem Pendant in D
Stonehenge Ocarina
Casper 13 Hole SC (Yuna)
Dragontooth OCarina with Metalic Scale
Eagle Bone Flute
Hind Junior Ocarina in C :pendant:
Hind Soprano G :pendant:
Hind Soprano D :pendant:
Focalink Alto C
Focalink Soprano G
Angry Bird Ocarina
STL SpearHead Ocarina