Triple Ocarinist x 3
Triple Ocarinist x 3
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Interests art, ceramics, God, Bible, Jesus, musical instruments, experimental music.
Oc of Choice: English Pendants, Focalink/Stein 12-holes
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[+] My Ocarina Collection and links
My Ocarinas Collection:
C.H.Mathieu Paris 10 hole Metal oc #3 (Sig.)
A small antique 10 hole GB US-made Oc ( e-bay)
Menaglios (Ocarina de Budrio) Do1,Sol2,Do3 (Achint, previously owned by Docjazz4)
Spencer AC (black concert series) (Achint)
Maparam double AC (Sam)
-12-holes(Taiwan sub-holes) straw-fired Ceramic SC,SG,SF,AC. (Shanghai old market road).
-12-holes(Taiwan sub-holes) straw-fired Ceramic BC (Shanghai ).
-12-holes(Taiwan sub-holes) Jade crackle AC-B (Shanghai ).
-12-holes(Taiwan sub-holes) (Tao Bao, Focalink China pit-fired)Ceramic AC-C (Singapore/ way over-paid), pit-fired SC-C (Shanghai).
-12-holes AC and SC Focalink Plastic (Songbird, LA)
-12-holes SC Focalink Ceramic Jade- crackle glaze (Songbird, LA)
-4-hole Focalink pendant SC (Accent, Singapore)
-medium sized 4-hole blk&red lady bug pendant made by Focalink I think.(Accent, Singapore)
-6-hole mini pendant (straw fired transverse miniature) (night market in Shanghai)
-6-hole alto C Focalink pendant (Bras Basah Complex, Singapore)
-12 holes China LongYun ceramic SC(dealX)
-12 holes China LongYun mustard colour purple clay ceramic AC (Shanghai)
2 Susato, USA, plastic 5-holes pendant (Singapore, trolleybook)
MountainOcarina Polycarbonate G & C (mountain ocarina)
-12-holes(Japanese sub-hole) Elim AC plastic (modified) (Indonesia, Ronald S.)
-TNG triple plastic (added a hole on the smallest chamber to extend the range)(Teddy Seng)
-a very tiny 10 hole plastic transverse OC necklace. made in japan(Daiso, Singapore)
-3 cheap plastic transverse 10 holes AC (Daiso, Singapore)
-extended Bass C Bull ocarina (imperial city)
-STL double AC OOT Zelda (Ocarinadiva, Chris)
-Teacarina 4 holes (Ocarinadiva)
-modified/tuned to 4 holes Cascabel bird ocarina (from the Casacabel set (5 flutes, 1 untuned but very pretty bird ocarina and a pet rock fossil))(Erik the Fultemaker)
-Harmony double, minor pentatonic scale (Sean, Etsy,Harmony Ocarina)
-Arabian scale with very long mouth piece ocarina (Sean, Harmony Ocarina)
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[+] My Art - Geoffrey Tjakra
[+] Key to number tab system for pendant ocarinas
Since this took a moment to understand (and a test), I'll explain the notation shortly( by endalion):

8 - both holes closed. (80- both left holes closed and both right holes open)
9,6 = circled hole closed, other one open. (top left hole and bottom right hole closed)
0 - both holes open
o - thumb hole on that side open.
Line length after tab indicates note lengths.
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