Triple Ocarinist x 5
Triple Ocarinist x 5
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Oc of Choice: Focalink Dolce DAC
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[+] Ocarinas I own and wishlist
[+] Ocarinas I own:
:double: Focalink double alto C
:budrio: Pacchioni Arabic Scale
:nobleblack: Noble Bass C
:OoT: 12 hole alto C Songbird replica OoT
:ocarina: 12 hole ICO SG
:pendant: Pure Ocarinas Totoro pendant
:ocarina: Songbird straw-fired Baby Dragon Tooth
:pendant: STL soprano C Rupee
:ocarina: STL plastic 12 hole alto C
:inline: STL 12 hole inline alto C
:ocarina: 10 hole alto C Mano Percussion plastic ocarina
:pendant: 8 hole Peruvian
:ocarina: 6 hole home-made ocarina (made out of a plastic Easter egg, a drinking straw, and tape :lmao: )
[+] Ocarina wishlist:
:nobleblack: Night by Noble
:ocarina: Focalink straw-fired alto C and soprano C
:ocarina: STL/TNG Purple Clay Mini
:ocarina: Pure ocarina in D
:ocarina: Jade Everett ocarina
:aria: Aria (all types)
:ocarina: STL DIY
:inline: Mountain Ocarina in Poly C and G
:focalinkblue: Focalink plastic (undecided on soprano or alto)
:OoT: Tenrai 9 hole replica OoT
:ocarina: Focalink straw-fired Mini G
:ocarina: Noble Mini
:ocarina: Takashi (possibly 6F or 7C?)
:fairyoc: Spencer Fairy Ocarina