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Pendant Ocarinist x 5
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[+] Ocarinas I Proudly Own
:pendant: Tenrai 6-hole Pendant - Cosmic Black
:pendant: Tenrai 8-hole Pendant - Monsoon Seas
:pendant: Tenrai 8-hole Pendant - Japanese Relief (Limited Edition)
:pendant: 2 STL Potion Ocarinas - in Blue and Red
:pendant: STL Soprano Necklace in C - 6-hole Triangular Blue
:pendant: 3 Cute Focalink Pendant Fishes!!
:inline: Hind Wooden Inline in D - 5-hole Walnut (+ a subhole)
:inline: Hind Wooden Inline in Alto Bb
:inline: Hind Wooden Tenor Inline in F
:inline: Mountain Polycarbonate Inline in G - 10-hole
:inline: Mountain Polycarbonate Inline in C - 9-hole
:ocarina: Focalink Osawa 12-hole Plastic Ocarina - Alto C
:ocarina: STL 12-Hole Nightingale Tenor Ocarina
:ocarina: STL 12-Hole Echo Tenor Ocarina in Black & White

Ocarinas I Wish To Try
:pendant: Oberon Soprano Eb pendant
:pendant: Terry Riley Songstones: Tenor Bb, Alto D and G
:pendant: Focalink Seedpod Alto C (Blue or White Crackle finish)
:ocarina: Focalink Seedpod Tenor in G
:ocarina: Songbird Dove
:pendant: Songbird Scarab Brown Alto C
:pendant: Focalink Teardrop Ocarina in G
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