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Pendant Ocarinist
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Hi there, SeekingWater is my native american name, and I'm an artist who has a love for music, nature, marine biology, and really cool antique stuff.

I'm a eight year clarinetist who has a taste for new sounds! I play guitar (acoustic and electric) I have to say, clarinet is the only instrument I know inside and out like the back of my hand. As for guitar, I tell people that I play pretty noise, not really any actual songs, just chords or harmonies. Guitar is a HUGE jump from the Clarinet. I am more of an improvisation learner so I have no idea what notes I'm playing on guitar, but I've made my own songs so I guess that's good.

As for ocarinas: Never played one before. I've played recorder and I feel like the airflow required might be similar, and plus playing clarinet might help me too. Since I know how to read music, this should be fun!

I currently have a DragonTooth ocarina, and I'm on the prowl for another 12 hole alto c!

Got questions? ASK ME! I love to chat with people :)
Oc of Choice: DragonTooth Oc By Songbird
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~A Laid-Back, Curious Adrenaline-Junkie 90's Kid with a Loving Passion for Music, Science, Art, Epic Adventures and the Great Outdoors~
(Descriptive enough? Ahaha)

Got a question for me? ASK! I love to give detailed feedback or answers to the curious mind!

My Ocarinas:
[+] Spoiler
Songbird's Alto C DragonTooth in Metallic Lustre

My Wishlist:
Night By Noble Alto C in black (Soon to come!)
Focalink Alto C- A or B Style (havent decidedyet) in Jade Crackle
Focalink Soprano C in Jade Crackle(matching lol)
"Tenor" Aria by STL With green stripe (Still Debating)
Double Chamber AC Forte by Songbird