Double Ocarinist
Double Ocarinist
Location Germany
TV Challenges completed: 1
Interests Historical Medieval Swordfencing, Music, Band, Video Games, Larp, P&P RPGs
Oc of Choice: Focalink Triple Exclusive
birthday 6 Mar 1987
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Ocarinas owned:
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:ocarina: Rotter 12 Holes Blue Sweet potatoe alto C ♥
:OoT: Rotter Z-Fans 12 Hole alto C
:ocarina: Rotter Alto C 12H black/brown
:ocarina: Rotter 10H Bass C
:ocarina: Rotter 10H Tenor G
:ocarina: Rotter Alto C
:ocarina: Rotter 10H soprano G
:ocarina: Rotter 12H soprano A
:ocarina: Rotter 12H soprano B
:ocarina: Rotter 10H soprano C
:ocarina: Rotter 10H soprano C lang
:ocarina: Rotter 10H piccolo F
:ocarina: Rotter 4H Mini B
:triple: Focalink Triple Exclusive AC
:double: Focalink dolce double AC
:triple: STL Max Range Triple Bass
:triple: ICO Bass Triple C extended range
:focalinksoprano: Focalink plastic AC
:focalinkred: Focalink plastic SC
:pendant: Rotter 4 Hole Celtic Pendant AC
:oldoc: :pendant: :fairyoc: 2 Others
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Focalink/Stein Triple BC ------> one day, When I'm rich....
Focalink/Stein Double AG