Triple Ocarinist x 3
Triple Ocarinist x 3
Location Massachusetts, USA
TV Challenges completed: 1
Interests Well... I like playing music and singing. I enjoy opera music. I like to memorize things and collect information, no matter how useless, as long as it's interesting. I enjoy unique things, which often brings me to antique stores and yard sales. I like writing. And Monopoly. And tuna fish. And fancy clothes. And surveys. I like many things.
Oc of Choice: Pacchioni P* DSG
Browser: Opera
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[+] Ocarinas I own:
:inline: Mountain Poly AC
:inline: Mountain Poly SG
:ocarina: 6th St. SF
:ocarina: 6th St. "art" TF
:ocarina: DBO Labyrinth AC
:budrio: Arrigo Mignani AC
:triple: ICO Triple BC
:ocarina: STL Purple Clay SC
:oldoc: Hopf SG
:inline: DPP Amber Relic AC
:double: ICO Double SF
:oldoc: EWA SC
:oldoc: Fiehn SG
:oldoc: Fiehn AG#
:oldoc: Waterbury AC
:oldoc: Fiehn ABb
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SA
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SD
:ocarina: DBO SBb
:oldoc: EWA SF
:pendant: Tenrai SA
:pendant: DPP Transverse Pendant SC#
:oldoc: Gretsch AC
:ocarina: Night Provence AF
:oldoc: Hopf AC x 3 (Various models)
:triple: Solist Triple AC
:ocarina: Dinda SC
:ocarina: DBO Abstract AA
:double: Aketa Double AC
:oldoc: Gretsch SC
:ocarina: STL Santa Monica AC
:pendant: Missouri Mystery SD
:pendant: Missouri Mystery SB
:ocarina: Songbird Strawfire SG
:budrio: Emilio Cesari SF
:ocarina: DBO AC
:oldoc: Fiehn SE
:oldoc: Bondi SF
:ocarina: Mysterious Old Glory-like TF
:noblered: Noble Plastic AC
:ocarina: DBO SE
:pendant: STL MaxRange Double Pendant
:focalinksoprano: Focalink Plastic SC
:pendant: Arlene Hayward SEb
:oldoc: (Aketa) Prima Maestro AC
:budrio: Mezzetti SC
:oldoc: Mathieu AD
:ocarina: DBO AD(b)
:ocarina: DBO SA
:ocarina: Osawa i Plastic AC
:oldoc: Fiehn TEb (1877 stamp)
:budrio: Menaglio SC
:triple: Dinda Triple AC
:inline: Hind TF
:oldoc: Old Glory AC
:oldoc: Ideal (aka Missnia/Freyer) SF
:ocarina: Woodsound Plastic AC
:ocarina: Ocarina Wind AC
:ocarina: Focalink SC
:triple: Clacol TAC
:ocarina: TNG AC
:oldoc: Mysterious SF w/ tuning slide
:ocarina: Rotter Piccolo F
:ocarina: Dinda AA
:double: Dinda DAC
:oldoc: Old Glory BC
:ocarina: Spencer Concert Series AC
:double: Hense DAC (or DSC by his nomenclature)
:double: Pacchioni P* DSG
:oldoc: Mezzetti SE
:double: ICO Double AC