Triple Ocarinist
Triple Ocarinist
Location United Kingdom
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Interests If you want to know more about my interest the join me on TON's Skype room.
Oc of Choice: Transverse
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[+] Thanks to:
Thank you ever so much Juan/Akira for the Noble Plastic Ocarina, you are awesome =D.
Thank you Juggler for the TNG Plastic triple in which you were kind enough to give me =D
[+] Ocarinas I own
[+] Multichambers
STL Zelda Double
TNG Plastic Triple
[+] Transverse
Bon SG (12 hole)
Cheap AC (12 hole)
Noble Plastic AC (12 hole)
Rotter AC (12 hole)
TNG DIY AC (12 hole)
Hamlett AG (11 hole)
Noble BC (12 hole)
Zin Plastic BC (11 hole)
[+] Pendants
Focalink Seedpod AG (6 hole)
Focalink Seedpod AC (6 hole)
Focalink Tai-Chi SG (6 hole)
Songbird OoT AC (6 hole)
STL Rupee SC (6 hole)
TNG Ladybug (6 hole)
TNG Teacarina (4 hole)
[+] Inlines
Mountain Ocarina Polycarbonate AC (9 hole)
Mountain Ocarina Polycarbonate SG (10 hole)
[+] Ocarinas I used to own
New Vista SC (6 hole) - Gifted to TheYusumi in Secret Santa
STL Potion AC (6 hole) - Gifted to friend
STL Zelda Double - Met unfortunate fate with kitchen floor
TNG Plastic AC (12 Hole) - Gifted to Hylian_Sheildmaiden
[+] Add Me on:
3DS: 2535-3603-0215
Nintendo Network: Grimat
PSN: GrimatGaming
Steam: GrimatGaming

Be sure to let me know you're from TON if you add me on anything (Or PM here on TON)
Representative of the Midlands Ocarina Group (UK)