Inline Ocarinist x 5
Inline Ocarinist x 5
Location wisconsin
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Interests guitar, bass, tinwhistle, ocarina, punk, cartoons, the ostrogoths
Oc of Choice: Focalink Double Regular and Forte
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birthday 19 Sep 1985
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[+] Spoiler
WPN 12 Hole AC
WPN 12 Hole SC
WPN 12 Hole AF
WPN Double AC
TNG Plastic AC
TNG Plastic SC
TNG Plastic Triple AC
TNG Purple Clay Double AC
STL Max Range Double AC
STL Plastic 12 Hole Tenor C
STL Zelda Plastic 12 Hole Tenor C
STL Zelda Plastic 11 Hole Bass C
STL Zelda 12 Hole SC
STL Water 12 Hole AC
STL Zelda Double AC
STL Zelda Double Plastic AC
Focalink Double AC
Focalink Double AC Forte
Focalink Double SG
Focalink 12 Hole AC
Focalink 12 Hole SC
Focalink Plastic AC
Focalink Plastic SC
Focalink Osawa Plastic AC
Night by Noble Plastic AC
Mountain Ocarina Poly G
Menaglio Do3 (10 Hole AC)
Songbird Ocarina of Time 12 Hole AC
Songbird Ocarina of Time Kokiri Edition
Songbird Fairy Ocarina
Rotter Zfan 12 Hole AC
Hamlett 11 Hole AC
ICO Double Bass C
ICO Double Alto G
ICO Double Alto F
TNG 6 Hole Mini Necklace (supposed to be C but it's in E!)
STL 6 Hole Rainbow Mini Ocarina E
Focalink 6 Hole Raindrop SC
Focalink 6 Hole Bass C
Chinese Songbird 6 Hole OoT Knockoff