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Double Ocarinist
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Oc of Choice: STL Aria Tenor
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My Ocarinas:
[+] Spoiler
1. STL Plastic Triple
2. STL Zelda Plastic Double
3. STL Zelda Tenor
4. STL Aria Tenor
5. Clayz Zelda Limited I

6. Songbird OoT
7. Tenrai OoT
8. Ellise Plastic Alto C
9. Ellise Plastic Soprano C
10. C 13 Antique Fiehn Ocarina

11. Plastic USA Ozark Ocarina
12. C1 Antique Ocarina Made in Vienna
13. G3 Antique Ocarina Made in Vienna - Fiehn
14. ES 11 1/2 Antique Ocarina EWA
15. Green Cracker Jack Plastic Ocarina Toy

16. Yellow Cracker Jack Plastic Ocarina Toy
17. Green Bear Paw Flutes pendant ocarina (painted on designs)
18. Pink plastic ocarina of unknown origin
19. STL F 9 Hole Pendant, Light Blue
20. Ted Tseng Ceramic Shell Ocarina Pendant G (x2)

21. STL Soprano C
22. Antique (?) Bird-thing Ocarina
23. Cheap novelty Wolf pendant
24. Cheap novelty native pendant
25. Cheap novelty native pendant

26. Zelda OoT 3DS European Release Plastic 10 Hole Ocarina
27. Fire Opal Dragon Tooth
28. Songbird One of a Kind Pendant #1
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